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Global Discovery Vacations

Global Discovery Vacations review and information

Global Discovery Vacations (GDV) Reviews

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    When I purchased this scam in 2012, I was so excited! They lure you in with their "free gifts" which turn out to be a tablet that doesn't even work, and airline tickets that have so many disclaimers that we couldn't even use them! Fast forward to 2015 and I've gotten to use this thing twice (once in 2012 and once in 2013) and every time I try to find's always a run-down place that looks so sketchy or there isn't any condos in the location of my choice. This is so nauseating. I recently lost a job, and no customer service will help me get... More...
  • Have no use for your services

    When we signed up on for your service at Ormond Beach FL, we were told and assured several times by the very nice and kind representatives we can cancel this membership at anytime I wished if it didn't work for me, here past 3 months and we were not able to use it or benefit from it, when I called your office in Kansas today, I found I had only 3 days to cancel it. I was shocked, I thought I misunderstood the lady at first. Why do you deceive your customer, why do you lie? I paid $6000 in full, I need my full refund back. If anyone is going to have a lawsuit against this company I am... More...
  • SCAM Vacation Club

    My wife and I attended a GDV sales pitch in Maryland, lured by free domestic airline tickets. We spent $4,000 to join the club when we thought it would save us on family vacations. The pitch is that you stay in unused higher-end condos. The reality is that most of the units they have available are in slum landlord condition. We were excited at first and decided to test our membership with a trip to Puerto Rico. We ended up at a condo "resort" from the 1980's in a dark, filthy room with a plastic covered bed, paint spattered walls and bathroom that we wouldn't enter... More...
    Bluesky1's Picture   Bluesky1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Scary but worth it.

    Me and my husband attended this presentation just like many of you guys did. We got the call about winning a gift and came into see the presentation. The prices seemed so amazing I couldn't believe it. We attended in their Tarrytown office. We googled the company before making deciding to buy and saw all the bad reviews. We told the reps that we were not interested. After a few more minutes of being convinced I decided to go along with it anyways. Honestly I couldn't be happier. We have owned it for a little over a year and have taken a few trips already. We have gone to Florida,... More...
    Karla1015's Picture   Karla1015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip off, glad I got out

    Went 2 days ago for the dog and pony show. Had no idea what they were selling but had no intention of buying but kept an open mind. The up front cost for two stars started at $6900'which we were not interested in. When the price came down to $3900, I thought lets go for it and bought the package. I went home and started reading reviews and decided to opt out the next day by faxing and sending a certified letter. Our free bees were a tablet, $100 dining gift certificate and a weekend get away. The tablet is a Winn cheapo tablet, and the $100 dinner coupon is basically a 50% off... More...
    Feglee's Picture   Feglee    1 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware with this company (Global Discovery Vacations)

    I am an individual filing this complaint. My wife and I went to a presentation 2 months ago in the Ormond Beach, Fl. location. We were impressed with the presentation. During the presentation they explained that some of the trips were not available during peak season and that was ok. What we did not expect was the total number of locations that were available. They tell us that the star credits would offset some of the cost. Let me say this regarding this company (BUYER BEWARE). Do not let the salespeople take advantage of you. If you travel moderately you will find enough... More...
    icewayne121's Picture   icewayne121    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam, High Pressure Sales, and LIES Bogus gifts (worthless)

    My wife received a letter about a free water park trip to attend a 90 minute meeting in Whitehall, PA. After 90 minutes of the pitch, they opened the doors and the sales people came in and the turned on LOUD music. I could not make anything out. I had to lean into the person to hear him. The girl's name was Jo, the main manager was Clint and the sales kid was so shy. I hope this kid knows he cheated me and wife out of money for a SCAM. We just sent a fax to GDV for a refund and then we will meet with the Attorney General and the BBB about this. I also left my lawyer a message to... More...
    bob18018's Picture   bob18018    1 Comments   Comments

    We have been with Global for the past three years. We have taken 6 vacations, 2 a year. We've been to 3 Caribbean condos and two in Florida and one to Galveston, TX. Loved all of our vacations and can't wait to take more. Customer service is out standing. So happy we bought into our dream vacations that are turning realistic in our life. Thanks Global and keep up the neat places and areas to rent from. Bob and Sandy More...
    skusba's Picture   skusba    0 Comments   Comments

    We have been members for 3 years and have had nothing but wonderful experiences! From the great customer service to the beautiful places we have visited, we are extremely pleased. I ready some of the reviews and there are complaints about the free gifts- those have nothing to do with Global and are given from a marketing company in your area. The membership with Global has been the best decision we have made to enable traveling all over the globe. More...
    mook2003's Picture   mook2003    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good Experience

    We joined with Global about this time last year (2012) and have since gone on two vacations. The first was to Grand Myan Riveara Mya - it was fantastic! And i would HIGHLY reccomend! Beautiful resort,our rooms were clean and we had maid service in the morning with turn down service at night, we stayed in building 8 which was a bit of a walk to the pools but the shuttles were always running. We are planning another trip there in 2015. Our second trip was to Myrtle, not as happy with the room, but was fairly clean, had odd oder (a bottle of frabreeze fixed that) and it was ocean view vs... More...
    coni812's Picture   coni812    0 Comments   Comments
  • SCAM - Seeking Refund

    A year ago I fell for the sales pitch presented to sign up for Global Discovery Vacations. I thought my son would be able to use it for his honeymoon. The trip prices were very high and they were not able to use it. No one in my family is using the plan and I would like a refund. I called the company and they said they do not give refunds and I could try to sell the membership. Has anyone ever received a refund from GDV? More...
    mjhamilton3's Picture   mjhamilton3    4 Comments   Comments
  • Midleading and fraudlent sales pratices.

    This is a complaint that involves a sales organization that represents GDV. We were in Daytona Beach, Fl on vacation and these people somehow got our room telephone number at the resort we were staying at and harassed us until we came to one of their sales presentations. We were pushed through the process of purchasing one of the packages. In fact, no one was allowed to ask questions while the very slick presenter was making his assertions. The whole time we were there they were promoting the fact that they were an A company with the BBB so naturally that let our defenses down some. They... More...
    bmats2003's Picture   bmats2003    0 Comments   Comments
  • Satisified with travel experience

    I have owned my travel voucher with Global since 2007 and have traveled to Breckenridge, St Maartin, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Texas, Puerta Vallarta 2 x, Sante Fe and Las Vegas for a free hotel stay. All accomodations have been very nice...some better than others. My husband's comment when we arrived in Myrtle Beach at the resort was "I have never experienced such opulence in my life". There were times that some things that were listed that they offered such as (swimming pool) or (gym) were not at the resort. However, when I called Global to ask about it during our stay they... More...
  • Unethical Business Practices

    I was told on years I didn't want to pay the Activity Fee I simply didn't pay. The billing company added the Activity Fee to my open credit account without mine or my husband's authorization. That tanked my credit score because the account no longer had 30% of the balance paid off. The agreement didn't say that the Activity Fee would be added every year automatically. I didn't know I have 45 days to ask for the charge to be removed. I never knew to look for additional charges on this bill. The money comes out of my bank account every month. I just had to make... More...
    allor79's Picture   allor79    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pleased so far

    We joined the club in 1/12 and have been very pleased so far. We've stayed at Breckenridge, Sonoma Valley, Las Vegas, and Beaver Creek, and have trips booked in 2013 for Texas, The Caymans, France, and Hawaii, the last two for two weeks each. I research every hotel on Trip Advisor before I book it. Some of the places are dumps that we avoid. Others are outstanding. We have to plan ahead a little farther than we are used to, but if you do it is a great deal. My advice to others: First, if you are going through all of the process just for the free trip, you may be... More...
    wileywon's Picture   wileywon    1 Comments   Comments
  • Contract cancellation

    Dear Global Discovery Vacations, A year ago my husband and I attended a presentation and reluctantly signed up, believing we would use the membership. We were promised two free airline tickets which would have cost us $50/person if we had paid for the vouchers. This is misleading advertising. What's more concerning is that we need to opt out of the agreement so that funds can be used for my Mom's cancer treatment. This is more important and therefore, no time in the future for any fun trips. One of your c/s reps indicated we couldn't opt out of the agreement unless it... More...
  • Global Discovery Vacation Network

    I have been a member for over 5 years and I love it. Yes, it is important to read the contact and ask questions. It says right on the application that you have 3 days to cancle and in some cases if you ask them for a little longer they will extend it a few days. Right after I joined my fiancee' past away. They refunding the money for my honeymoon and gave me some extra time to use my star credits that year. The key is to ask question. Every condo I stayed in has been upscale and great. More...
    happytravlor's Picture   happytravlor    1 Comments   Comments
  • No termination option when joining Global Discovery Vacations

    My husband and I attended a 90-minute presentation last October 2011 with the promise we would receive two free airline tickets. We foolishly joined not realizing it said we only had three days to cancel out. The website has very few options to choose from and quite different than what was presented to us. I sent in for the free airline tickets and was sent back vouchers that would cost $50 per person - totally not free. A month after signing on, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo. I asked to opt out and was told we could not. We can only sell our... More...
    vkova's Picture   vkova    0 Comments   Comments
  • Resorts Transfers Intl, LCC

    When we purchased an ownership to Global Discovery Vacations we had made an agreement with Global Discovery Vacations that they would transfer ownership of our Diamond Resorts timeshare if we paid our 2012 maintenance fee and did not use any points in Diamond Resorts during the 2012 year. We paid the maintenance fees and we did not use any Diamond Resort points. Now we are being told that they cannot transfer the ownership and that we must pay the 2013 maintenance fees to Diamond Resorts. We abided by our part of the contract and now it is Global Discovery Vacations turn to abide by the... More...
  • Global Discovery Vacations with Resorts Transfers Intl, LLC

    I bought ownership with Global Discovery Vacations in November of 2011. As part of our purchase we were to relinquish our ownership in Diamond Resorts and thusly we would no longer be responsible for paying Diamond Resorts maintenance fees. This transfer was to be done through the Resorts Transfers Intl, LLC. We agreed to pay the 2012 maintenance fees and we were not to use any of the points with Diamond Resorts in 2012. We Did pay the maintenance fee and we did NOT use any of the points. Resorts Transfers says that the estoppel states that we used our points in 2012. I have read the... More...
    Donajo's Picture   Donajo    1 Comments   Comments

    I have used this service twice since I signed up. The first stay was ok, but the condo was so small we were tripping over each other. The 2nd time I used it the condo was NASTY!!!!!!!! My son has sever allergies and could not enjoy his stay because he lived on benedryl due to the MOLD! All of the other complaints I have had the same issues. TERRIBLE customer serivce, and you cannot ever go where you truley want to. Both stays I had were what I could get. The people that work there are rude. I paid alot of money to stay in junk and be talked to like crap. More...
    icecastle's Picture   icecastle    0 Comments   Comments
  • Vacation

    Wow...I am sorry to see so many unhappy comments with global. We purchased several years ago and although they don't always have the exact place we want to go, they try their best to accomodate us. The places we have stayed have been relatively nice and we like the price! Global has allowed us to stay places we would not normally go to..such as..Stowe, Vermont. We had a very memorable and exciting vacation there. We look forward to taking advantage of the out of states travel when our kids have graduated! We have been pleased with the customer service and will continue to enjoy using... More...
    Kevandkrys's Picture   Kevandkrys    0 Comments   Comments

    PISSED21's Picture   PISSED21    5 Comments   Comments
  • So far so good

    Myself and my fiancée went to the initial presentation which was by invitation for my birthday. I'm a skeptic ....I know nothing in life is free! However the sales presentation was excellent, well presented and thoroughly explained. Our free incentives had a 21 day response, during that iomega I experienced a death and was not able to meet the deadline. One phone call and GDV amended my date and extended my response time! We are due for a vacation in 2 weeks I will advise upon our return. So far as an expressway the customer service was exceptional! More...
    Minlfb's Picture   Minlfb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Availability

    Contacted Global to determine availability for Tennessee in 8 months. They stated I needed to complete a request form. At end of form you are obligated to provide credit card info, before submit in order to determine availability. Considering I am just recovering from a credit card fraud case, this is not an option for me. The customer service people at Global Connections were snotty and sharp and Global connections told me to leave my complaint on their voice mail system. I am also palanning to contact the BBB and Attorney General's office, because this appears to be a travel scam.... More...
    CDLB's Picture   CDLB    3 Comments   Comments
  • Love them!

    We have taken a vacation with Global and we loved it!!! At first it was a challenge and we ended up contacting the vice president. He took care of everything for us and got us a travel agent that was amazing!! The hotel we stayed at was island links in Hilton Head. The stay there was fabulous, no complaints! We could ride our bike wherever, the pool had a zero depth entry and mushrooms with the water coming down, perfect for kids! There was also another pool that was geared towards adults. We pay about $500 total with our yearly fee and our processing fee. I was extremely skeptical... More...
    myersk20's Picture   myersk20    1 Comments   Comments
  • Can't get reservation

    A couple of years ago, I tried to make a reservation with Global Discovery in Aruba about 6 months prior to my requested date and I was told that requests should be made 13 months in advance and we weren't able to go. So on March 23rd of this year, I put in request 287653 for Aruba for the week of either 4/14/2012 or 4/21/2012. Since then I've had some phone conversations and emails with Global but they keep telling me the inventory isn't in yet and my chances of getting to Aruba are slim and none (not in those words). I followed the process but still I'm being... More...
  • Great accomodations

    We have used Global Discovery Vacations for many years and have gotten fantastic deals both in the US and abroad.It takes a little effort but the agents are always very helpful and have gotten us condos in places where they do not usually send people. Be patient and they will come through. It is a great deal. After the original fee, we pay only about $500 for a condo for a week anyplace in the world. More...
    silberg12's Picture   silberg12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Phone Scam

    I just got a call from someone at the number (760)705-8888. (In case you don’t know, that’s the number that comes up on your phone if called by someone using a gmail phone number.) I could barely understand them and they were saying that I won a free prize for entering a contest around the holidays. It was suspect, but I figured I would see why they were REALLY calling me. I’m smart enough not to give them any information, so I played along for a minute to figure out the truth. They said I won either $5,000, a big screen tv, or a mystery prize. After grilling the... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Class Action Suite Welcome

    I was drawn in by this low bit comedian selling this travel club. They did have good points, so we made the fatal error of joining. Wrong thing to do. The worst travel agency you have ever worked with, not helpful, very vague and you always have to follow some kind of guidelines or they give you a reason why they can't accomidate you. Also, they say they will get your quotes 3-10 business day. I guess if they were a real travel agency that actuall has to work for their money, they would be more accomadating.... More...
    classaction1's Picture   classaction1    2 Comments   Comments
  • I'm happy

    My wife and I joined Global about 5 years ago and so far I'm pleased with the results. Like others have said, it's a significant up front cost but the resorts we've gotten have been very nice, checking in has been no problem and we've gotten to some off the beaten path places that we'd otherwise never have seen. I must say that we rarely get our first choice of dates or locations but my thought is that I'll be more flexible in retirement and will get a good deal on lodging at some unusual places. More...
    mike43067's Picture   mike43067    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not Bad

    I have been to 2 places so far. The Resort at Little Harbor in Ruskin, Florida and to The Mayan Palace in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and they have both exceeded our expectations by far. The initial cost was a little much, but once that was out of the way, it has been pretty cheap having extra people come along. More...
    zizileelee's Picture   zizileelee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fees, fees,...

    I received a "prize" of free airfare for two after attending a presentation. I had to "activate" the prize by sending in a form along with $70.00. The paper says "Upon receipt, the vacation forms of your assigned travel provider will be mailed to you within fifteen business days". DID I GET MY VACATION FORMS? NO, I got a "Registration form" asking for ANOTHER $50.00 BEFORE my "Vacation Planning Form" will be mailed within 30 business days. This entire step, along with the additional $50.00 was never mentioned on any form or by any... More...
    vacation's Picture   vacation    6 Comments   Comments
  • Global Discovery Vacations Complaint or Scam?

    I have been recently looking for what ever information I can find on global discovery vacations. I have ran across a multitude of various websites with global discovery vacations information, and a lot of it appears to be the same. It seems to me that there is a couple of individuals posting global discovery vacations complaints on either the same site or different sites with the same pseudoname. This makes me think that the competition really wants to ruin global discovery vacations reputation as much as possible because they paid this individual or group of individuals to slander... More...
  • fraudulent sales/horrible customer service

    I have tried to work with this company in ending my contract. They have fraudulently grossly misrepresented their vacation website and then had the nerve to try to make me pay in advance for a vacation I couldn't even choose to pick out because the website didn;t offer any choice but one. Don't tell me in the sales pitch that I can go online, pick where I want to go, have the travel agent set it up with 10 other choices also. How do you get to that when only one is shown as the "example"?? I was trying to look for Southern California beaches, nothing availble to find-Why... More...
  • FRAUD!!

    We too have been defrauded by this company-seems our salesman forgot to mention the part about the website only showing "examples" of places to go to-too bad they only show one place!! And then they want me to pay in advance for this ridiculous vacation. Plus th3e customer service dept, is very snotty and short with you when you complain.We need to stop them, I will take the advice of others and complain to the Federal Trade commission, did complain to BBB in Kanasas but that got me nowhere. Hope to see them close up shop soon and take their bait and switch sales approach to the... More...
    kimoswahine's Picture   kimoswahine    1 Comments   Comments

Global Discovery Vacations (GDV) Reviews By Product

Global Discovery Vacations (GDV) Comments

jimd14 says: (3 years ago)
Jim d. says ( 10 yrs)
I bought this plan 10yrs. ago. BEST thing I ever did BY FAR.I ha
upgraded to the best plan they have. Total cost $10,000 I have 8
star credits a year - - plus UNLIMITED EXPRESS weeks. In other words since I am retired I can go on vacation EVERY WEEK of the year.Your weeks vacation will cost you $199.00 plus a star.That's for a WEEKS vacation - -Try getting a CONDO anywhere for less than $700.00 - - $1500.00 a week. Remember: This plan will save you thousands of dollars on your vacations.Like I said if you have the best plan you can have the UNLIMITED EXPRESS vacations which is fantastic for those us who are retired.Buy the plan and stop looking for your SOMETHING for NOTHING FREE GIFT. The plan is GREAT. You can even give a GIFT vacation to a FAMILY member for an additional $200.00 Trust me see the places global has to offer then look up the cost of staying there WITHOUT the global plan and you will see the savings - - some of these places are well over $225.00 a night- - and you can get it for as little as $199.00 on a special. GO FOR IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
BEEN MORE than happy for 10 yrs. SAVED OVER $40,000.

dflood says: (4 years ago)
We bought in a year ago, went to four vacation so far and all were amazing. The staff is wonderful at Global and I have no complaints at all. We got our free airfare plus a week free vacation, all went well.
We are extremely excited and happy we made the decision with Global, THANK YOU!!!

travelbuddies says: (6 years ago)
We joined and have more than made our money back . The places we have stayed have been very upscale . Pay attention and do your home work .Read the rules and give them plenty of time to search for the resorts of your choice .The up front gifts were a scam but most everything you see listed as free are . It takes a lot of work and patience but it works

2101sk says: (6 years ago)
I have used them and have no complaints. I would like to see them in bigger cities like chicago, new york, twin cities. I spent three weeks (21 days) in los angelos and it only cost me $700.00. Thats less than $35.00 a day for great locations. Keep in mind that you will always have people that want a mansion for a buck. If your first stay did not work, try somewhere else. All my stays have been great at a low price.

khcst5 says: (7 years ago)
The truth as I know it from a business/finance/business-systems guy:

Background: I've been a Global Discovery member for 5-6 years now. I originally paid $6k for the club (giving me 6 "stars"). Yearly maintenance fees are a bit under $400 (increases promised to be limited). Each week of travel is $96 regardless of upgrades (off peak weeks are 1 star, peak weeks add star, add a bedroom add a star). 6 stars, $200 booking fees, and $$389 annual maintenance fees will buy me 2 peak week vacations, each in a 2BR resort. I could add a third vacation if I had booked all 1 BR's instead, of course this would cost an additional booking fee ($96). Annualizing the purchase cost (I figure money is worth about 10%) I figure that my annual cost will have been under $1200 for two 7-day, 2Br resort vacations.

The good: I've found this is the least expensive way to travel timeshare-like resorts. Each resort has all the amenities of a timeshare resort (full kitchen, bathrooms usually including hot tub, resort amenities, etc.) but with less cost. A decent timeshare (even on E-bay) goes for $4k-$6k, sometimes it seems that you can less expensive ones, but also I understand they trade for less value? Let's average $5k for a decent 1 week of standard value. "Maintenance Fees" will run from $250-$700+ annually (let's assume $400 for our valuation). RCI charges $70 (when purchased in 5 year increments), and $200 when you want to book a vacation. There may be other fees as well, but we'll assume none for this calculation. Annual cost for one week will have been $1070; naturally the $70 is more worthwhile when owning more than one week, but otherwise costs are linear for more than one week of vacation. For nearly the same price I get double the vacation. If you're someone who bought a $25,000+'re either very well off or don't understand money. We could do this same exercise with other vacation methods and I believe the vacation club comes out ahead in every circumstance (save the housing swap, the staying with friends/family, or couchsurfing). You can find resorts almost as cheap on the Internet, but I think the service is worth the commitment.

The Bad: Global Discovery Vacations seems to actual own relatively little as far as "exclusive" resorts. Most resorts are the leftovers GDV is able to negotiate with resorts and other exchange networks. This means the resorts are nearly never as nice as the average resort available through RCI, II, etc. I didn't realize this when I bought the package, but given the financial savings I would make the same decision again.

The Ugly: The marketing company(ies) used to promote GDV are dishonest, manipulative, and plain bad. The promises are grand (90 min, no pressure, and amazing gifts), and deliveries shallow (120+ min, high pressure, worthless gifts). Once a member, the marketing companies will offer great things to hold sales parties of your own...these promises too are empty. They actually break a number of agency laws in their deception, GDV should really reevaluate their marketing plan. My rate is $200/hr if you're interested GDV.

The Useless: Everything other than the vacation club. A "free" membership to a discount club is included, worthless. Discounts on airlines, cruises, hotels...are not as good as Kayak or SkyAuction.

The Miscellaneously Useful:
1. GDV, like all the other exchange companies, offer last minute deals...these can be nice if they happen to work for you.
2. My membership (they told me because I signed up for the highest package possible, I don't know if this is true) includes a concierge service. I've used them on several trips to help me figure out what to do, where to eat, and how to get there.
3. My membership (they also told me because I signed up for the highest package, also don't know if it's true) allows me to sign up 13 months in advance when others may only sign up 12 months in advance. If you can plan far enough ahead, this can be useful.

riverview says: (7 years ago)
Satisfied GDV member so far, but I am not happy with the new rate increase and the loss of so many resorts since we joined.

Franchi09 says: (7 years ago)
My husband and I love Global. We did have 1 initial disappointment when we were told we'd get 0% financing for a period of time and it was not honored. On the flip side, we've pretty much paid for our vacation package with the money we've saved on the vacations taken so far. We booked our honeymoon in Kauai, HI using global and were more than extrememly satisfied. We used global to go back to Maui and Kauai for our 1 yr Anniversary. We also booked our 2 weeks in Kauai for our 2 yr annivesary for 2 weeks. It seems like the key to making reservations is to book as early as possible. We booked all of our trips as early as Global would possible let us and have never had an issue w/ availability. We've actually been able to book the resort we wanted each time. The bottom line is that our accomodation cost for 2 weeks in Hawaii is only $200...can't beat that anywhere. Because of this, will be able to take family vacations in Hawaii regularly.

SamuelDean says: (8 years ago)
I attended a presentation for GDV in Mansfield, I didnt buy anything but me and my wife did stay and listen to the presentation. I was asked if I wanted to sign up for a Vacation Membership Club and I declined. I walked out with a vacation to the Bahamas and all we paid out of pocket for a 2000 cruise was $99.00 just make sure you read the fine print as far as when to send in your voucher for your vacation. I LOVED the cruise it was top of line on everything. People book cruises and vacations and when they cannot attend this company buys the slots thats how they can give them away for dirt cheap.

MattMaryland says: (9 years ago)
BBB is in colusion with GCI and Eric Stout.

MattMaryland says: (9 years ago)
If anyone wat to sue Global Connections Inc. or Global Travel please let me know. I am collecting info how we can join class action a get this monster down.

footdoc111 says: (9 years ago)
Have been satisfied customer to date. Have found global to be reponsive and business like company. Would gladly recomend without reservation. This would not be valuable if you do not use it.

magicd says: (9 years ago)
We are so happy with our membership. We would not have been abla to stay at some of the places we have stayedif it was not for our membership!!

edgecombe says: (9 years ago)
we were not able to use our vacations this year but were told we could always have access to the buying program that the membership fee was for vacations only but that is not the case so we are very disappointed

motocrossed says: (9 years ago)
We've been a member for 7 years. We have 6 stars. We use all six every year. We have been all over the world. We've never had a problem with Global at all I feel like it has been the best money I have ever spent. There was only one time they were not able to accomodate us. In that case I did not give them much notice. I don't consider it their fault. If you are having problems I would guess it is simply the local people you are working with. Call Eric Stout at the home office.

leee says: (9 years ago)
We have been members for three years,and love what the Invesment have given us.

Annshadow89 says: (9 years ago)
We have been global members for over 6 years and absolutely love it. We have compared our plan to other vacation clubs and global is by far the best. We have stayed in Florida, Atlantic City, NJ., Arizona, and have had wonderful resorts. We have upgraded twice and are thrilled with our plan. We have another vacation planned over Christmas. We couldn't be happier.

Gullible says: (9 years ago)
The sales reps showed a BBB A+ rating, but when I looked it up later, I saw it has a "C" rating.

JackG says: (10 years ago)
This company and its distributors are shady. I paid for the membership in two payments of 2000 and after the last payment I never received anything from them in the form of access codes to arrange trips or anything that was promised. I gave them ample opportunity to make it right and I was told that It would be corrected and my package would be received. I promptly disputed the charges with my credit card company will full details and recently I got my 4000 back as a credit. I am now soured against these types of travel clubs. I am lucky that I am not out of my money.

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This page is under construction.
It will be up and running soon with new features to make you smile more.
The MeasuredUp Team