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Global Discovery Vacations (GDV) Reviews

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    When I purchased this scam in 2012, I was so excited! They lure you in with their "free gifts" which turn out to be a tablet that doesn't even work, and airline tickets that have so many disclaimers that we couldn't even use them! Fast forward to 2015 and I've gotten to use this thing twice (once in 2012 and once in 2013) and every time I try to find's always a run-down place that looks so sketchy or there isn't any condos in the location of my choice. This is so nauseating. I recently lost a job, and no customer service will help me get... More...
  • SCAM Vacation Club

    My wife and I attended a GDV sales pitch in Maryland, lured by free domestic airline tickets. We spent $4,000 to join the club when we thought it would save us on family vacations. The pitch is that you stay in unused higher-end condos. The reality is that most of the units they have available are in slum landlord condition. We were excited at first and decided to test our membership with a trip to Puerto Rico. We ended up at a condo "resort" from the 1980's in a dark, filthy room with a plastic covered bed, paint spattered walls and bathroom that we wouldn't enter... More...
    Bluesky1's Picture   Bluesky1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rip off, glad I got out

    Went 2 days ago for the dog and pony show. Had no idea what they were selling but had no intention of buying but kept an open mind. The up front cost for two stars started at $6900'which we were not interested in. When the price came down to $3900, I thought lets go for it and bought the package. I went home and started reading reviews and decided to opt out the next day by faxing and sending a certified letter. Our free bees were a tablet, $100 dining gift certificate and a weekend get away. The tablet is a Winn cheapo tablet, and the $100 dinner coupon is basically a 50% off... More...
    Feglee's Picture   Feglee    1 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware with this company (Global Discovery Vacations)

    I am an individual filing this complaint. My wife and I went to a presentation 2 months ago in the Ormond Beach, Fl. location. We were impressed with the presentation. During the presentation they explained that some of the trips were not available during peak season and that was ok. What we did not expect was the total number of locations that were available. They tell us that the star credits would offset some of the cost. Let me say this regarding this company (BUYER BEWARE). Do not let the salespeople take advantage of you. If you travel moderately you will find enough... More...
    icewayne121's Picture   icewayne121    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam, High Pressure Sales, and LIES Bogus gifts (worthless)

    My wife received a letter about a free water park trip to attend a 90 minute meeting in Whitehall, PA. After 90 minutes of the pitch, they opened the doors and the sales people came in and the turned on LOUD music. I could not make anything out. I had to lean into the person to hear him. The girl's name was Jo, the main manager was Clint and the sales kid was so shy. I hope this kid knows he cheated me and wife out of money for a SCAM. We just sent a fax to GDV for a refund and then we will meet with the Attorney General and the BBB about this. I also left my lawyer a message to... More...
    bob18018's Picture   bob18018    1 Comments   Comments
  • SCAM - Seeking Refund

    A year ago I fell for the sales pitch presented to sign up for Global Discovery Vacations. I thought my son would be able to use it for his honeymoon. The trip prices were very high and they were not able to use it. No one in my family is using the plan and I would like a refund. I called the company and they said they do not give refunds and I could try to sell the membership. Has anyone ever received a refund from GDV? More...
    mjhamilton3's Picture   mjhamilton3    4 Comments   Comments
  • Midleading and fraudlent sales pratices.

    This is a complaint that involves a sales organization that represents GDV. We were in Daytona Beach, Fl on vacation and these people somehow got our room telephone number at the resort we were staying at and harassed us until we came to one of their sales presentations. We were pushed through the process of purchasing one of the packages. In fact, no one was allowed to ask questions while the very slick presenter was making his assertions. The whole time we were there they were promoting the fact that they were an A company with the BBB so naturally that let our defenses down some. They... More...
    bmats2003's Picture   bmats2003    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unethical Business Practices

    I was told on years I didn't want to pay the Activity Fee I simply didn't pay. The billing company added the Activity Fee to my open credit account without mine or my husband's authorization. That tanked my credit score because the account no longer had 30% of the balance paid off. The agreement didn't say that the Activity Fee would be added every year automatically. I didn't know I have 45 days to ask for the charge to be removed. I never knew to look for additional charges on this bill. The money comes out of my bank account every month. I just had to make... More...
    allor79's Picture   allor79    0 Comments   Comments
  • No termination option when joining Global Discovery Vacations

    My husband and I attended a 90-minute presentation last October 2011 with the promise we would receive two free airline tickets. We foolishly joined not realizing it said we only had three days to cancel out. The website has very few options to choose from and quite different than what was presented to us. I sent in for the free airline tickets and was sent back vouchers that would cost $50 per person - totally not free. A month after signing on, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo. I asked to opt out and was told we could not. We can only sell our... More...
    vkova's Picture   vkova    0 Comments   Comments
  • Global Discovery Vacations with Resorts Transfers Intl, LLC

    I bought ownership with Global Discovery Vacations in November of 2011. As part of our purchase we were to relinquish our ownership in Diamond Resorts and thusly we would no longer be responsible for paying Diamond Resorts maintenance fees. This transfer was to be done through the Resorts Transfers Intl, LLC. We agreed to pay the 2012 maintenance fees and we were not to use any of the points with Diamond Resorts in 2012. We Did pay the maintenance fee and we did NOT use any of the points. Resorts Transfers says that the estoppel states that we used our points in 2012. I have read the... More...
    Donajo's Picture   Donajo    1 Comments   Comments

    PISSED21's Picture   PISSED21    5 Comments   Comments
  • Availability

    Contacted Global to determine availability for Tennessee in 8 months. They stated I needed to complete a request form. At end of form you are obligated to provide credit card info, before submit in order to determine availability. Considering I am just recovering from a credit card fraud case, this is not an option for me. The customer service people at Global Connections were snotty and sharp and Global connections told me to leave my complaint on their voice mail system. I am also palanning to contact the BBB and Attorney General's office, because this appears to be a travel scam.... More...
    CDLB's Picture   CDLB    3 Comments   Comments
  • Phone Scam

    I just got a call from someone at the number (760)705-8888. (In case you don’t know, that’s the number that comes up on your phone if called by someone using a gmail phone number.) I could barely understand them and they were saying that I won a free prize for entering a contest around the holidays. It was suspect, but I figured I would see why they were REALLY calling me. I’m smart enough not to give them any information, so I played along for a minute to figure out the truth. They said I won either $5,000, a big screen tv, or a mystery prize. After grilling the... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Class Action Suite Welcome

    I was drawn in by this low bit comedian selling this travel club. They did have good points, so we made the fatal error of joining. Wrong thing to do. The worst travel agency you have ever worked with, not helpful, very vague and you always have to follow some kind of guidelines or they give you a reason why they can't accomidate you. Also, they say they will get your quotes 3-10 business day. I guess if they were a real travel agency that actuall has to work for their money, they would be more accomadating.... More...
    classaction1's Picture   classaction1    2 Comments   Comments
  • Fees, fees,...

    I received a "prize" of free airfare for two after attending a presentation. I had to "activate" the prize by sending in a form along with $70.00. The paper says "Upon receipt, the vacation forms of your assigned travel provider will be mailed to you within fifteen business days". DID I GET MY VACATION FORMS? NO, I got a "Registration form" asking for ANOTHER $50.00 BEFORE my "Vacation Planning Form" will be mailed within 30 business days. This entire step, along with the additional $50.00 was never mentioned on any form or by any... More...
    vacation's Picture   vacation    6 Comments   Comments
  • FRAUD!!

    We too have been defrauded by this company-seems our salesman forgot to mention the part about the website only showing "examples" of places to go to-too bad they only show one place!! And then they want me to pay in advance for this ridiculous vacation. Plus th3e customer service dept, is very snotty and short with you when you complain.We need to stop them, I will take the advice of others and complain to the Federal Trade commission, did complain to BBB in Kanasas but that got me nowhere. Hope to see them close up shop soon and take their bait and switch sales approach to the... More...
    kimoswahine's Picture   kimoswahine    1 Comments   Comments
  • vacation

    I was pulled into a seminar and unfortunately walked out dishing out over $3,000. They said I could get 1 week vacation most anywhere but as a teacher I am limited on the times I can take vacation and so far any break I have nothing has been available or somewhere in TN thats about it. So disappointed in myself for being scammed. Never again. Only wish poor things to this company in the future. i believe what goes around comes around. More...
    sheridanjm's Picture   sheridanjm    0 Comments   Comments
  • global discovery vacations

    We bought into G.D.V. 2010 and we have tried to get reservations every weekend . We have yet to get reservations made because they are completely booked .I have been there and seen for myself there are cabins open. but now the parks are booked from 1/1/2011 to 9/1/2011 although if I miss my payment they are calling.I am going to stop payments until. they take me to court and prove that they are booked up with names and dates,telephones numbers of vacationers, I have went on line to get reservation. they me on hold or disconnect me ,when I call back I cannot get anyone to answer.I got a... More...
    dotrydal's Picture   dotrydal    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint

    My husband and I were on vacation in Daytona Beach last November and signed up with your company for what we thought was a travel company that we could use to take a trip when we wanted. First my daughter tried to use it for a trip and was told she couldn't because she didn't book it 3 months in advance. Now we are trying to book a vacation in the Cocoa Beach area for this November and can't seem to be getting anywhere with it. The only place that you have to offer looks so run down that I wouldn't want to stay there plus you are asking for another $400.+ to even... More...
    winston1123's Picture   winston1123    3 Comments   Comments
  • Huge Scam

    Global Discovery Vacations promises no less than 3 Star stays at condos globally (resort areas - not major cities) for a membership fee that is far less than buying a time share, but still thousands of dollars. We thought with a family of five that this would be a great way to travel to interesting places without having to pay resort prices. The problem is that these condos are not what they promised. We used our membership to stay at Club Cala des Palmas in Puerto Rico for our first trip. Our room was old, filthy, moldy. Everything was chipped, the grout on the tiled floors looked... More...
    GarfV's Picture   GarfV    4 Comments   Comments
  • Vacation Club Sign Up Incentive

    The free vacation offered with signing up with Global Discovery Vacations is a rip-off. Global Discovery Vacations knows this and says it is all Celebrity Productions fault. We paid our $70 for both the cruise and free airline tickets. We recieved neither. Calls on the phone are never answered. After many months and many attempts to get get what I was promised. We are out $140 out, wasted multiple hours trying to get what was promised and ended up extremely mad and frustrated. In the end we just gave up. Global Discovery should make good on our loss and Celebrity Productions should... More...
    mrsrat's Picture   mrsrat    2 Comments   Comments
  • global discovery vacations

    I received in the mail a "United Congratulations" for my birthday, offering me two complimentary RT Airline Tickets plus 3 days, 2 nights at a Marriott or Holiday Inn of my choice. I called with my tracking # only to find that I was required to have a significant other or a spouse. I believe the offer I received was discriminatory. I would very much wish to find the source from which this company received my information. Where is our government in protecting us from these scams? and what can be done to hold this company responsible? and how can I fin out what company, Red... More...
    torii's Picture   torii    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    Have only booked one vacation but every time I call the membership hotline I get forwarded to a VM and it takes at least a day to answer any questions I might have. Plus the majority of the paperwork that they give you is chalked full of BS making it difficult to find any kind of relevant information. So it wasn't surprising that I didn't realize that you have to sign up a second time to use the concierge service until less than two weeks before my vacation. Well it apparently takes 7-10 business days to get your membership activated - fat lot of good that does me now. When I... More...
    mspradling's Picture   mspradling    1 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointed & Embarrassed

    My husband and I have been members of Global Discovery Vacation Club for more than a year now and we still haven't paid even half of the $3700 that we signed up for. The interest rate is ridiculous and we don't even have anything to show for our frustration. The free trip that we were given for showing up at the presentation never materialized. The resorts we wanted to visit were never available at the time we needed. I am more than a little bit embarrassed to have been taken in this way. I should have known better and not believed 50% of what they were selling. Now we... More...
    flossiehannah's Picture   flossiehannah    4 Comments   Comments
  • Member

    I am a member of Global Discovery Vacations and I am a very unhappy client. This company is a rip off. I went to the seminar and was told that I won $500.00 is gas couponds. I was told to submit my gas receipts to the prize company and I would get a $50 coupond for every $100 I spend in gas. I submitted my couponds and received NOTHING! I was also told that I would receive airline tickets to any distination. I paid the procession fee and received NOTHING! Unfortunately I was stupid enough to join this travel club. I regret what I did now. The destinations that I like are never... More...
    davisba's Picture   davisba    1 Comments   Comments

    We actually joines 3 years ago and have booked 1 vacation a year, we recently stayed at Beso Del Sol where ROBIN HASSLER booked us knowing I had an 18month old staying with me. They then tried to throw us out into the streets the 2nd night of our family vacation all 7 of us, because of age restrictions. Finally they did not call us back so we stayed thinking all was well until we got home and there was a $200 charge in our account for not following the policy, they theyu ignored when ROBIN HASSLER booked us! More...
    Brooks's Picture   Brooks    1 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointed

    First of all I like to ask for Eric Stout direct phone number and 2nd how long in advance do you usually gave them? How about when you used your express line? What's the point of having an EXPRESS LINE when there's nothing available anyway. My bf and I just has a problem booking to O'ahu Hawaii for Nov.09. I believe this is an off peak reason but yet they don't have anything available for us. We has became a member last 2 weeks (Aug.26, 09) Right after they gave us our member I.D. We requested for Nov. in O'ahu. We called and all they can say is "nothing is... More...
    AnotherFool's Picture   AnotherFool    3 Comments   Comments
  • Global Discovery High-Pressure Sale

    My husband and I were invited to attend one of the 90-minute presentations. We had our intro with a saleman type and then sat for the slide show. We have been to one other "time share" presentation and figured this was similar. We watched the presentation, and then the true PUSH began. Our salesman asked if we liked what we'd seen. If we did, would we say "yes" or "no" to the offer? We politely explained that it looked interesting, but we were not going to plop down $9-16,000 without knowing exactly where the properties were and more about the... More...
    sgenyc's Picture   sgenyc    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sound like crook, act like a crook, ...

    Don’t waste your time. You will waste about 3 hours. We went to the Tyson’s Corer VA office for a sale pitch seminar. At the end of the seminar, I offered a FULL FAIR price for one of their vacation, to try out the club offering; and if we liked it, then we become member; but only after we see the quality of hotel/food/service/etc. They wanted us pay $8,000+ before we could login to their web site to see the list of offerings, let alone trying it out. We did not go for it, since any reputable club/hotel/membership has a full fair price for a one time trial. To get us to... More...
    Ardi's Picture   Ardi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware!!

    My husband & I were suckered in by these folks. They asked what kind of trips we liked to take & we said hiking. Well, once we started looking at the offerings, we were disappointed to see no possibilities. We also checked out the places to stay here in Daytona Beach as a measure of the quality of what GDV offers. There is NO Way we would stay in the places in our location. We do not want to ruin a vacation by staying in a mediocre lodging. There is little flexibility in confirming a reservation or in choosing the condo. What is interesting to me is the difference of... More...
    Daytona's Picture   Daytona    1 Comments   Comments
  • They say be flexible

    After years of being with this company and being flexable we find there are no openings they've been given away tomget new people or they have none because their families got there first. We are so upset in addition the insurance they push they do not stand behind once you have a claim. Our daughter and son in law were gifted a vacation, but the night before he had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery (emergency Don't buy the Insurance and think about not buying the package at all. We have been faithful for 10 years to them with payments and going alone with their... More...
    dentist's Picture   dentist    0 Comments   Comments
  • It's a sham

    This company is the worst vacation club I have ever worked with. I tried to use a star week and emailed and faxed the request in October. I tried to contact again several times because I wanted to vacation in May. The company finally called back after we spoke to the manager and then I got a call saying there was no availablity about a week before my specified date! So on top of paying the monthly fee I had to shell out 1300.00 for a vacation rental that year. Now I'm being sued because I refuse to pay for a service that I didn't get. Not even an apology or some kind of... More...
    bslocum's Picture   bslocum    6 Comments   Comments

    Been my first time booking a vacation with my family< i faxed in my request. to find out that they wouldn't help me without a credit card. trying to reach an agent was an absolute joke and yet a 2 weeks later, im still waiting for them to call to to try to locate and book a vacation that requires at least 60 days. i have left many,many messages and have e-mail 3 messages because i have no idea how the process works. I am extremely dissapointed with this company and the process. More...
    SIGLERS1's Picture   SIGLERS1    1 Comments   Comments
  • request not filled

    Join this company about 3-5 months ago and I'm not very happy, went on line to request a vacation was told no spot available for this time frame have to request at least a year in advance, next joke the customer service wasn't good held on the phone for 15 mins then was hung up on(guess they were tired). Now I'm going too try one more time for Atlantic City for July and see what will happen and to think I sold my timeshare for this. ONe thing the sell force is good at telling good stories. More...
    RheSims's Picture   RheSims    0 Comments   Comments
  • Big Disappointment!

    My husband and I unfortunately bought into Global Vacation Club about two years ago and have been on a couple trips with them. When we joined, there were no complaints posted on the web and only one resolved complaint with the BBB, so we felt optimistic about our decision. We initially had lots of ordeals with this company with upper management having to get involved. In their defense, they tried very hard to make right on some of the "baloney" we were sold at the presentation. They taught us how to work the program and to be realistic about what/where to expect. Granted, our... More...
    isomagic45's Picture   isomagic45    2 Comments   Comments
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