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Global Discovery Vacations (GDV) Reviews

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  • Scary but worth it.

    Me and my husband attended this presentation just like many of you guys did. We got the call about winning a gift and came into see the presentation. The prices seemed so amazing I couldn't believe it. We attended in their Tarrytown office. We googled the company before making deciding to buy and saw all the bad reviews. We told the reps that we were not interested. After a few more minutes of being convinced I decided to go along with it anyways. Honestly I couldn't be happier. We have owned it for a little over a year and have taken a few trips already. We have gone to Florida,... More...
    Karla1015's Picture   Karla1015    0 Comments   Comments

    We have been with Global for the past three years. We have taken 6 vacations, 2 a year. We've been to 3 Caribbean condos and two in Florida and one to Galveston, TX. Loved all of our vacations and can't wait to take more. Customer service is out standing. So happy we bought into our dream vacations that are turning realistic in our life. Thanks Global and keep up the neat places and areas to rent from. Bob and Sandy More...
    skusba's Picture   skusba    0 Comments   Comments

    We have been members for 3 years and have had nothing but wonderful experiences! From the great customer service to the beautiful places we have visited, we are extremely pleased. I ready some of the reviews and there are complaints about the free gifts- those have nothing to do with Global and are given from a marketing company in your area. The membership with Global has been the best decision we have made to enable traveling all over the globe. More...
    mook2003's Picture   mook2003    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good Experience

    We joined with Global about this time last year (2012) and have since gone on two vacations. The first was to Grand Myan Riveara Mya - it was fantastic! And i would HIGHLY reccomend! Beautiful resort,our rooms were clean and we had maid service in the morning with turn down service at night, we stayed in building 8 which was a bit of a walk to the pools but the shuttles were always running. We are planning another trip there in 2015. Our second trip was to Myrtle, not as happy with the room, but was fairly clean, had odd oder (a bottle of frabreeze fixed that) and it was ocean view vs... More...
    coni812's Picture   coni812    0 Comments   Comments
  • Satisified with travel experience

    I have owned my travel voucher with Global since 2007 and have traveled to Breckenridge, St Maartin, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Texas, Puerta Vallarta 2 x, Sante Fe and Las Vegas for a free hotel stay. All accomodations have been very nice...some better than others. My husband's comment when we arrived in Myrtle Beach at the resort was "I have never experienced such opulence in my life". There were times that some things that were listed that they offered such as (swimming pool) or (gym) were not at the resort. However, when I called Global to ask about it during our stay they... More...
  • Pleased so far

    We joined the club in 1/12 and have been very pleased so far. We've stayed at Breckenridge, Sonoma Valley, Las Vegas, and Beaver Creek, and have trips booked in 2013 for Texas, The Caymans, France, and Hawaii, the last two for two weeks each. I research every hotel on Trip Advisor before I book it. Some of the places are dumps that we avoid. Others are outstanding. We have to plan ahead a little farther than we are used to, but if you do it is a great deal. My advice to others: First, if you are going through all of the process just for the free trip, you may be... More...
    wileywon's Picture   wileywon    1 Comments   Comments
  • Global Discovery Vacation Network

    I have been a member for over 5 years and I love it. Yes, it is important to read the contact and ask questions. It says right on the application that you have 3 days to cancle and in some cases if you ask them for a little longer they will extend it a few days. Right after I joined my fiancee' past away. They refunding the money for my honeymoon and gave me some extra time to use my star credits that year. The key is to ask question. Every condo I stayed in has been upscale and great. More...
    happytravlor's Picture   happytravlor    1 Comments   Comments
  • Vacation

    Wow...I am sorry to see so many unhappy comments with global. We purchased several years ago and although they don't always have the exact place we want to go, they try their best to accomodate us. The places we have stayed have been relatively nice and we like the price! Global has allowed us to stay places we would not normally go to..such as..Stowe, Vermont. We had a very memorable and exciting vacation there. We look forward to taking advantage of the out of states travel when our kids have graduated! We have been pleased with the customer service and will continue to enjoy using... More...
    Kevandkrys's Picture   Kevandkrys    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love them!

    We have taken a vacation with Global and we loved it!!! At first it was a challenge and we ended up contacting the vice president. He took care of everything for us and got us a travel agent that was amazing!! The hotel we stayed at was island links in Hilton Head. The stay there was fabulous, no complaints! We could ride our bike wherever, the pool had a zero depth entry and mushrooms with the water coming down, perfect for kids! There was also another pool that was geared towards adults. We pay about $500 total with our yearly fee and our processing fee. I was extremely skeptical... More...
    myersk20's Picture   myersk20    1 Comments   Comments
  • Great accomodations

    We have used Global Discovery Vacations for many years and have gotten fantastic deals both in the US and abroad.It takes a little effort but the agents are always very helpful and have gotten us condos in places where they do not usually send people. Be patient and they will come through. It is a great deal. After the original fee, we pay only about $500 for a condo for a week anyplace in the world. More...
    silberg12's Picture   silberg12    0 Comments   Comments
  • I'm happy

    My wife and I joined Global about 5 years ago and so far I'm pleased with the results. Like others have said, it's a significant up front cost but the resorts we've gotten have been very nice, checking in has been no problem and we've gotten to some off the beaten path places that we'd otherwise never have seen. I must say that we rarely get our first choice of dates or locations but my thought is that I'll be more flexible in retirement and will get a good deal on lodging at some unusual places. More...
    mike43067's Picture   mike43067    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not Bad

    I have been to 2 places so far. The Resort at Little Harbor in Ruskin, Florida and to The Mayan Palace in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and they have both exceeded our expectations by far. The initial cost was a little much, but once that was out of the way, it has been pretty cheap having extra people come along. More...
    zizileelee's Picture   zizileelee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Global Discovery Vacations Complaint or Scam?

    I have been recently looking for what ever information I can find on global discovery vacations. I have ran across a multitude of various websites with global discovery vacations information, and a lot of it appears to be the same. It seems to me that there is a couple of individuals posting global discovery vacations complaints on either the same site or different sites with the same pseudoname. This makes me think that the competition really wants to ruin global discovery vacations reputation as much as possible because they paid this individual or group of individuals to slander... More...
  • Vacationing with GDV

    We've been members of GVD for 3 years now and we love it. During that time, we've stayed in condos and cruised via GDV's Global Connections, Inc. travel services saving many hundreds of dollars for each vacation. After 3 years, we've completely offset our upfront investment in the GDV membership with the value of the vacation accommodations we've used. We now are saving thousands of dollors for every year of vacations in the future. Our annual renewal fee has not changed, nor the processing fee, upgrade fee, etc, none of the administration costs published in the... More...
    garydee's Picture   garydee    4 Comments   Comments
  • global discovery vacations

    Hi,my husband and I have had Global Discovery vacations since 2004 and I have to say this company has changed our lives.I will explain in detail how it works as we travel 4 weeks every year.You can purchase from 1 to 6 star credits on a membership.A star credit stands for 3 things.They are as follows 1.A star credit equals a one week vacation in a one bedroom during off peak time.(It depends where you want to go and when for peak time and off peak time.)2.A star credit also equals a trade to upgrade to peak time. 3.A star credit also equals a trade for each additional bedroom.Let me... More...
  • Love GDV!

    I have been with GDV for over 4 years now and have loved it. Most folks complain about the initial gift they offer. Don't join this club just for a free gift (we didn't even use our trip to Vegas). I recommend you use it for what it's intended to be -- a vacation club. I've been to Tenness three times, Orlando twice and Ireland once and each place was awesome! It is a really fantastic way to travel and when I retire I will be buying in more shares so I can travel more often! More...
    OhioDave's Picture   OhioDave    2 Comments   Comments
  • Money Well Invested

    Me and my wife have been members of Global Discovery Vacations for 3 years. We presently have 2 stars which is enough for us at the moment since we are both working full-time. At first we thought it was an expensive investment, but knowing that beyond the annual fee,(if we even use it in the year we want it), it's a lifetime use, and we'll be able to pass it along to our children when we are no longer able to use it, for us its a no-brainer. Each year we take one big vacation--don't we all deserve that?? and we've used it twice, once to Marco Island, Florida, once to... More...
  • Best Money We ever spent

    We have had our vacation membership for 4 years and we love it. Its the best money we`ve ever spent. All those that are comlaining about not getting what you want have to realize what kind of economy we are in now and everyone is taking advantage of this opportunity. Lets face it, where can you take a vacation and only have to put up $96.00 wow what a deal. My wife and I just got back from Florida what a vacation we loved every moment, especially the part when the extra money you save can be spent on having fun rather than paying all of it to having a place to sleep. Thanks Global discovery... More...
    2bfreeagain's Picture   2bfreeagain    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awsome Time

    We have been a member for 14 months. We were uanble to use the membership our first year and they credited us our memebership yearly fee because of it. We just returned from our first trip in Tennasee and was thrilled. We had no contact from the company or the resort for any sales request. We shared the information with friends and they can't wait to join as well. We had no pressure on our presentation, in fact, went in with the no we're not buying anything. We have no regrets. More...
    travelfool's Picture   travelfool    1 Comments   Comments
  • GREAT~!

    We have been Global members for just under a year and have had nothing but exceptional experiences with the service. We have used two stars this year for the Pona Kai in Hawaii (wonderful) and have already booked next years "stars" for a 7-day Western Carribbean cruise balcony room. I researched the price of this cruise through multiple sources and Global's price was considerably less. We have also used the travel agency service to obtain hotels and again the rate was far less than internet travel agencies such as Orbitz or Expedia. Any time we had a question or concern,... More...
    upnorthbcuz's Picture   upnorthbcuz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Florida & Hawaii

    We became members in 2007. We took our first vacation to Florida (Disney) last year. Upon arrival, the air-condition in our condo was not working. We contacted GDV and informed them about the conditions and the following morning it was repaired. GDV also followed through on there GUARANTEE. We are now on our second vacation in Hawaii and at this point we have no complaints. So far we have not experienced any DISHONESTY or dissatisfaction with GDV. More...
    happyusers's Picture   happyusers    0 Comments   Comments


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